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B Class Double Fairlie
CLASS  B  Double Fairlie    0-4-4-0 T

Introduced: 1874 Number in Class: 2

B Class Register

Locomotive Specifications

  Avonside Engine Co. Bristol, England

Engine Weight:    
28.0 tons
Tender Weight:     Total Weight:    28.0 tons Adhesive Weight:    
28.0 tons
Length over Buffers:    
31' 2"
Total Wheelbase:    19' 10" Engine Wheelbase:    
19' 10"
Coupled Wheelbase:    
4' 6"
Tender Wheelbase:     Driver Wheel Dia.:    39" Cylinders HP:    
Four - 9" x 16"
Cylinders LP:    
Grate Area:    15.0 sq ft Evaporative Area:    770 sq ft Superheated Area:     Working Pressure:    
130 psig
Tractive Effort:    
6912 lbs f
Coal Capacity:    1.7 tons Oil Capacity:     Water Capacity:    700 gals

Remarks:     The second class of the four-cylinder Double Fairlie type, were rather showy little locomotives but they were notable in that they were the first British-built locomotives to be equipped with Walschaerts valve motion. Not a popular type, because of their small boilers and limited power, they had trouble maintaining steam supply on heavy grades. .