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R Class Single Fairlie
CLASS  R    0-6-4 T

Introduced: 1878 Number in Class: 18

R Class Register

Locomotive Specifications

  Avonside Engine Co., Bristol, England

Engine Weight:    
30.0 tons
Tender Weight:     Total Weight:    30.0 tons Adhesive Weight:    
17.0 tons
Length over Buffers:    
31' 3"
Total Wheelbase:    21' 10" Engine Wheelbase:    21' 10" Coupled Wheelbase:    
6' 9"
Tender Wheelbase:     Driver Wheel Dia.:    36" Cylinders HP:    
Two - 12" x 16"
Cylinders LP:    
Grate Area:    12.0 sq ft Evaporative Area:    
608 sq ft
Superheated Area:     Working Pressure:    
130 psig
Tractive Effort:    
6936 lbs f
Coal Capacity:    1.6 tons Oil Capacity:     Water Capacity:    
716 gals

Remarks:    The Single Fairlie type possessed flexibility which made them particularly suitable for severe curves and light track. These 'Singles' were more servicable than the earlier Double Fairlies, in that they had only one boiler and one driving bogie, instead of two, with the corresponding reduction in maintenance costs. They gave a good account of themselves on grades of 1 in 35-50, abounding with curves of 5 chains radius. Although designed for mixed trains at maximum speeds of 20-25 m.p.h., they were sometimes employed on express trains, with surprisingly good results.

Preserved Locomotive
  Reefton Park,    Reefton -     R 28,     Avonside #1217/1878   Static Display