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Y Class
CLASS  Y    0-6-0 T

Introduced: 1938 Number in Class: 3

Y Class Register

Locomotive Specifications

   Hunslet Engine Co.,Leeds, England

Engine Weight:    
22.95 tons
Tender Weight:     Total Weight:    22.95 tons Adhesive Weight:    
22.95 tons
Length over Buffers:    
22' 10"
Total Wheelbase:    9' 6" Engine Wheelbase:    9' 6" Coupled Wheelbase:    
9' 6"
Tender Wheelbase:     Driver Wheel Dia.:    40" Cylinders HP:    
Two - 13" x 20"
Cylinders LP:    
Grate Area:    9.1 sq ft Evaporative Area:    
522 sq ft
Superheated Area:     Working Pressure:    
160 psig
Tractive Effort:    
10140 lbs f
Coal Capacity:    
0.85 tons
Oil Capacity:     Water Capacity:    
500 gals

Remarks:     Three of these locomotives were built for the Public Works Department, numbered 542, 543, and 544, and later transferred to NZR Maintenance branch, then to NZR Mechanical branch in 1951, They adopted the class designation'Y' but retained their old PWD numbers and were allocated to locomotive depots at Auckland and Frankton. The 'Y' was the smallest steam locomotive to enter NZR service in the twentieth century.

Preserved Locomotive
  Western Springs Railway,    Auckland -     Y 542,     Hunslet #1444/1923   Operating