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The origins of the Oaks Model Railroad stem from the demise of the North Penn Model Railroad Club in 1994. Based in Lansdale Pennsylvania for over 20 years, many of the pieces salvaged from it in the summer of that year became the core of OMRC, including the viaduct, roundhouse, buildings and trackwork. One of the more impressive things we have added to the new layout is a 24 track staging yard that is nearly 1 scale mile long capable of holding over 3400 40' cars. We have much more planned for the future.

All photos copyright 2000 Fred Monsimer

NPMRRC - A small trackside town

NPMRRC - The Village of Vernfield

NPMRRC - Paulins Kill Viaduct at a quiet moment

NPMRRC - Norritonville Engine Terminal, as rebuilt by Doug Relyea in 1992

NPMRRC - A view of the wharfside coal loader, dumping coal into a barge

NPMRRC - A "Railgun" visits the wharf

NPMRRC - Port of the waterfront scene, showing a tugboat and the Baltimore truss bridge

NPMRRC - Smoketown, Union Station, and the Post Office from the operators deck

NPMRRC - The end approaches - but humor survives. Here's the S.S. Poseiden II

NPMRRC - Buildings and even some city parks are removed from their foundations

NPMRRC - Entire city blocks are gone, packed in boxes for transport

NPMRRC - Buildings are removed from the layout for packaging

NPMRRC - Josh McClennen places a building in a box for transport

NPMRRC - Buildings are filled and surrounded with foam peanuts

NPMRRC - Stan & Josh McClennen fill a box of structures with foam peanuts

NPMRRC - Catenary supports from electrified territory

NPMRRC - Boxes of buildings in Norritonville Yard. The real tower is next.

NPMRRC - Boxes of buildings near Oak Park Yard

NPMRRC - Some of the detail parts salvaged from the layout

NPMRRC - The layout with all its trees, buildings, and details removed

NPMRRC - John Schwartzenberg carrying a box of parts from the club room

OMRC - Initial framing for layout. The lights went up FIRST!

OMRC - Initial framing for layout, showing boxes of structures and parts beyond

OMRC - East end of the port area, showing the future site of three bridges

OMRC - Four tracks crossing Escher Creek at Oglethorpe

OMRC - A portion of the waterfront scene saved from NPRR and extended at OMRC

OMRC - Ramp up to the Upper Level, Ramp down to the Staging Yard, Freight Mains

OMRC - Construction of sheets in the Village of Beancounter

OMRC - Aerial view of Escher Valley

OMRC - Scenery construction in progress; this is covered with screen and plaster

OMRC - Construction in Escher Valley, showing viaduct saved from NPRR

OMRC - 24 Track Staging Yard (nearly one scale mile long)

OMRC - 24 Track Staging Yard (hidden below layout scenery)

OMRC - Norritonville Roundhouse and West end of Freight Yard

OMRC - Approach to Norristown Union Station from East

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