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Photos taken at Glenolden, PA on June 29, 2003
NS freight lead by Dash-9 9542 rolls through Glenolden on a hazy, hot and humid Sunday afternoon.
NS 8-40CW 8455, an ex-LMS unit was the first of three ex-Conrail units still wearing their Conrail paint.
PRR 8-40CW 8379, ex-Conrail 6160, in Conrail "Quality" paint.
A cab photo of PRR GP38 2912, ex-Conrail 7733.
Another photo of PRR GP38 2912.
A Conrail MOW gondola.
A group of coil cars makes up part of the train.
Amtrak AEM-7 929.
Amtrak AEM-7 902.
Amtrak Acela train with 2038 leading.
The trailing unit was 2016.
Amtrak Acela train with 2027 leading.
The trailing unit was 2033.
Amtrak AEM-7 920.
Amtrak HHP-8 651.
Amtrak AEM-7 909.

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