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NEC Gallery 9 Photos taken in April 2003 at North Elizabeth
NJT ALP44 4417 with a NEC train.
NJT ALP44 4408 with a NJCL train.
New NJT Comet V cars on this NEC train with Cab Car 6013 leading.
NJT ALP46 4608 in push mode.
Amtrak Acela train with unit 2000.
On the rear was unit 2002.
Amtrak AEM-7 936
Amtrak AEM-7 952
Amtrak E60 609 passing through Waverly Interlocking as the RBB&B train is moved to Kearney Yard.
Just after the E60s passed, AEM-7 920 passes by with the Budweiser Plant in the background.
Amtrak HHP-8 652 at North Elizabeth.
NJT ALP46 4626
Amtrak AEM-7 942
Amtrak AEM-7 901
Amtrak Acela unit 2031

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