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Ogden Subdivision

Ogden Subdivision Brigham City - Honeyville

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From My Front Porch

The above photos here are taken from my home in Honeyville. I live at about mile post 27
on the railroad. The American Orient Express is a regular on the Ogden Subdivision.

I have seen the passing of a Railgrinder, 14 Locomotives on a power transfer, and the crew repairing the line poles after a record breaking wind of 133 mph.

Old Calls Fort Road

The Old Calls Fort Road runs between Honeyville, Bear River City, Utah. Many different colored Locomotives have passed over this crossing, including BNSF, C&NW, and SP.

Union Pacific are the most common seen on this line.

Safe and Sorry

September 12 1998, CNW 8691 southbound hits a pick-up truck just north of Calls Fort Road. The truck, a 1977 GMC, got stuck on a farmers crossing when the back tires became stuck in loose ballast. The driver, Trevor Nelson of Bear River City, was out of the truck when the train, a Z train that runs this line at 60 mph, collided with it pushing it 244 feet down the tracks. The CNW 8691 had just made a meet at Honeyville and had to line the south switch back for the main, so this train was just starting to get rolling when it came around a curve and saw the truck. The train was only going 10 MPH when it hit this pick-up. This was the first one for this engineer.

6900 North Honeyville Utah

Honeyville Utah has a passing siding and a house track. Lots of train meets are done here. Motive power from many different roads can be seen on the trains passing through Honeyville. And yes, even Southern Pacific units can be seen in solid sets running the Ogden Sub.

BNSF Detour trains seen passing through Honeyville.

Honeyville Park

The park is just west of the tracks, and a good place to get photos in the afternoon.

MOW Trains and Equipment at Honeyville

MOW Trains and Equipment at Honeyville, Utah, include a tie set out train, UP Rail Crane, FRA T10 track geometry and research car, Loram Railgrinder train, and UP Hy-Rail truck.

Plasser-American K355-SSW seen on the line May 19, 1999.

What I was told from a guy that worked for Plasser-American is this thing will superheat a joint, then press the ends together to make the connection, and then grind the joint to the shape of the rail. The machine is called an IN-TRACK WELDER. Basically it's a huge arc welder that produces high quality field welds. The unit is also equipped with large longitudinal 250 ton rail jacks pull the rail ends together during he welding process. Something like 1-1/2" of rail is consumed in each weld... The welding head and jacks are contained in the smaller half of the vehicle, while control, electrical and hydraulic power is supplied from the larger portion of the articulated unit. It goes around and cuts out the old welded joints and welds the rail back together. This eliminates possibilities of a broken rail or other defects that thermite welds produce over a period of time.

7460 North Honeyville

Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs, a Honeyville resort, provides this view of the tracks.

8650 North Honeyville

This street is the North end of Honeyville.

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