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Brigham City Yard

Brigham City Yard

Brigham City Depot

The Brigham City Depot was built in 1906 by the Oregon Short Line. Click here for more on the Brigham City Oregon Short Line Depot.

The Golden Spike Association is now the caretaker of the Depot, and this Union Pacific CA13 Caboose #24516.

Brigham Yards

UP Brigham City yard office. Views of the BC yards.

Signaling in the Brigham City yards and at crossings. In the last photo we see a signalman at work on the Forest Street Crossing signal controls.

MOW in Brigham City

UP crews use this crane to do some clean up in the Brigham City yards. Tamper and Regulators use to groom the Ogden Sub stored in the BC yards for the weekend.

Both FRA T10 and Union Pacific EC-4 are "track geometry and research cars," and run over the Ogden Subdivision searching out all sorts of track analysis. It's done for comparing standards for train speeds and track conformity. They are seen here running the mainline through Brigham City. The Scale test car is used at NUCOR Steel in Plymouth to calibrate the scales. The last photo of this group is the car repair truck, see here repairing a gondola car.

This tractor is called a Speed Swing, it's used by MOW crews for track maintenance.

Special Trains

Special Trains visit the Ogden Subdivision on a regular basis. On May 10 1994, the 125th anniversary of the Golden Spike, the Union Pacific E's make a visit to Brigham City.

Malad Local Power

The Malad Local parks it's power in the Brigham yards. It is used for switching duty in the yard in the morning, and then runs out on the Malad Branch in the afternoons. Power is anything from HLCX GP38M-3s to SP B30-7s, but UP GP38s are seen the most.

Brigham City Street Crossings

1100 South Bridge

All Thiokol Rocket Trains must pass through Brigham City. Empty Rocket cars are also returned to Brigham City for delivery to Thiokol. The South end of the BC yards is at Mile Post 19 or about 1100 south.

400 South

UP 6084 at 400 South street crossing.

Forest Street

Forest Street crossing. BNSF train seen blowing past the Depot. Southern Pacific power started showing up on the Ogden Subdivision almost before the ink was dry on the meager papers. We have seen a lot of Southern Pacific tunnel motors & GP60's out running the line. Leased Power can be seen running on the Ogden Subdivision.

300 North

600 North

900 West

Brigham City built a new road between 300 and 600 North, it's about 900 west and runs down the west side of the yards.

900 North Bridge

This bridge is over 900 North or Hwy 13, Seen with SP, UP and C&NW power leading trains into Brigham City.

1500 North

The last crossing in Brigham is 1500 North. This is the North end of the BC yards, or Mile Post 23.

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