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Ogden Subdivision

Ogden Subdivision

MOW at Dewey

Plasser-American K355-SSW seen on the line May 19, 1999.

Ballast train working through Dewey.

Hwy 102 Deweyville

Deweyville known as Dewey by the railroad, is another popular siding for meets. BNSF detour Trains passing through Dewey.

Southern Pacific power leading trains through Dewey, and one still in Kodachrome paint.

Union Pacific Trains at Dewey.

12800 North Deweyville

12800 north is between Deweyville and Collinston.

Collinston Utah.

Wheatland Seed built this large grain elevator at Collinston, it even has a railline to it. The Malad local will run out from Brigham City to work the elevator. The wigwag signal was at Collinston Utah, but has been replaced. It was just north of Wheatland Seed. There is a detector here at mile post 40.0, it's behind the south end of the seed plant..

Hwy 30 Overpass

Utah State Hwy 30 crosses over the line at Collinston.


The UP DDA40X 6936 is a regular visitor to the line, I have missed it most of the time but thanks to Nelson Lunt, we have two photos of it at Wheelon. Wheelon siding is just before the Bear River Canyon, this is a good spot to get photos as the canyon has a 12 mph speed restriction.

You can photograph a north bound here and beat it to Cache Jct.

More Southern Pacific Power, these loco are the new guys to run the line as SP power was rarely seen before the merger.

American Orient Express

The American Orient Express led by Amtrak 831 and 509 want by Wheelon May 20, 1999.

Circus Train

The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to SLC in September. Their train came down the Ogden Sub the week before the show.

Cutler Dam & Bear River Canyon

The curved trestle and tunnel in the Bear River Canyon. Also above the Power Plant in the Canyon.

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