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Ogden Subdivision

Ogden Subdivision

Little Mountain Branch

The Little Mountain Jct. Is where the Little Mountain Branch headed off to GSL, but after the UP/SP merger, track on the line was removed. All that remains is the wye and about a mile of track now used as storage. The Little Mountain Branch started with a section of track with a very steep grade that would require trains to double the hill. The wye and the branch run under I-15 which made for interesting track work. About 1.75 miles was a small bridge over the Willard Bay Canal. Some time the north leg of the wye was used for unloading large transformers. Notice how much larger the truck needs to be to haul this transformer than the rail car.

Four axle locos worked on the branch, mostly GP38s, GP39s or GP40s. A CSX loco was used as power for some time.

Little Mountain Jct.

Southern Pacific and Union Pacific power seen leading trains through Little Mt. Jct. This Weed sprayed truck was seen doing it's thing at Little Mountain Jct.

South Willard

South Willard is not a name you will hear on the railroad, as this is not a station name. Ballast Train seen dumping new ballast on the Ogden Subdivision.

Willard Utah

Willard Utah is a good place to see trains, as the siding here is used for meets. This is the first major siding from Ogden, sometimes trains will wait here for hours to get into the Ogden Yards. Some of the more unusually power seen on the line is a Santa Fe SD45B-2. With a Flying J Travel Plaza, Willard is a good place for train crews to stop and get a cool drink and some food. Sometimes even crew changes are done here.

With the Southern Pacific Union Pacific merger, a lot more Southern Pacific units started showing up on trains on this line, some times it looks as if the Southern Pacific has taken over. Southern Pacific tunnel motors are used a lot on this line, as the units don't need to have cab signals.

MP 16.5

The detector at mile post 16.5, is the first talking detector north of Ogden. The detector is in Perry Utah. The railroad uses channel 25 on this line.

Perry Utah

Perry Utah, a one time had two large canneries on the line and was a siding, now it's just single track and mile posts to the railroad.

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