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The Malad Branch

The Malad Branch

RailFanning with Fluid TV.

We started the Day at the Brigham City Depot. Time for a few pics and then off to the action.

The Malad Local was doing a little switching in the yard before heading out to NUCOR Steel.

We chased the train out to Corinne and got some photos on the Bear River bridge. Nyk gto out and shot some film from this vantage point.

We gave chase again to the Bear River City Siding. Nyk had plenty of film by now and interviewed me for the show.

The Regular Stuff Starts Here.

Power for the Malad Local can be found in the Brigham yards when not working the line. Most of the time it's small Union Pacific units, GP15-1s to GP40-2s.

Southern Pacific power started showing up on the Malad Branch almost before the ink was dry on the meager papers. SP GP40-2 7620, GP40M-2 7297, and B30-7 7782 have worked the Brigham City Yards and the Malad Local out of Brigham City.

Some times power used on the branch includes C&NW and leased units.

The HLCX GP38M-3 units worked the local for some time.

The wye is located on the north end of the Brigham City yards.

The Malad Branch follows the nation's first transcontinental railroad alinement to Corrine Utah, then heads off to the north.

The old Beet dump at the Bear River City Siding.

Track Inspector headed north around Elwood.

Malad Local passing under I-84 south of Tremonton, Utah.

Tremonton Utah Factory Street & Main Street crossings.

Siding to IFA, crossing Main Street in Garland Utah.

The local had a derailment some time back, mostly empty gons involved, it was in a spot behind a small hill and could not be seen from the road, but you could see the equipment brought in to help with the clean-up. They also bought one of the loco down from NUCOR Steel to pull the rear of the train clear.

This road crossing near the Riverside DOT shed was paved over by county road crews. The Local slowed down and the crossed making new flange ways.

The local crossing the valley with Plymouth Utah in the background.

Photos taken from the I-15 overpass near NUCOR Steel.

NUCOR Steel at Plymouth has it's own trackage and locos. Most scrap steel in brought in by the railroad.

The Malad Local at NUCOR Steel.

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