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McCammon Junction

McCammon Junction

McCammon Junction Is where the Ogden Subdivision ends and the trains join the Pocatello Subdivision. In the last photo, the line that goes off to the right is the Ogden Subdivision.

In these photos, you see the Railroad Office at the Junction, and the old Depot which is now used as a the McCammon City Hall.

This shed can be seen in the south end of town, and is built using two Union Pacific boxcars as the outer walls. This road crossing is at the junction point of the Ogden and Pocatello Subdivisions.

Maintenance of way equipment seen at McCammon.

The Rail-Truck pulls a flatcar used to pick up old railroad ties. A small trackhole rides on the flatcar and is used to pick up the ties from the right-of-way.

The highway bridge over the north end of the Junction is being replaced, and the Railroad has been removing the signal lines and putting them under ground. This equipment is being use the do that job.

Here is a small rail crane and a tamper that have been seen at McCammon, use from time to time for Maintenance of the right-of-way.

Trains on the Pocatello Sub at McCammon JCT.

Some times trains will stop here and do a bit of switching in the McCammon yards.

UP 3468 leads a empty coal train east on the Pocatello Sub.

UP 3141 Leads a unit grain train east.

East of the Junction the Pocatello sub goes down to a single line. UP 9314 takes a train eastbound. The line is double track west of McCammon, and UP 9366 leads an Auto train west.

Many trains will wait under the bridge for west bounds to clear. UP 3198 runs west through the junction. Then UP 3422 heads east.

UP 9374 waits for the westbound auto train to clear (UP 9314), then powers up to head east.

UP 9239 is blowing black smoke then fire as it throttles up.

This is the point where the Ogden sub connects to the Pocatello sub. Here you see two west bounds C&NW 8709 and UP 6306, on both rails of the Pocatello sub.

Trains on the Ogden Sub at McCammon JCT.

UP 9519 brings it's northbound train off the Ogden Subdivision,

and crossest over to the north track of the Pocatello Sub. At this point the train become a westbound.

UP 9634 is see here at the south end of McCammon JCT. The wye track is here that enables north bounds trains to head east on the Pocatello Sub.

The UP-KCCX Acid train uses the wye in making its trip to Soda Springs Idaho. They make a crew change at this point. UP 3679 was waiting for the Acid train to clear off the Ogden Sub before heading South. This train has the UP 3300 for power as well as a lease unit painted in BNSF colors.

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