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Swan Lake to McCammon

Swan Lake to McCammon

Swan Lake Idaho

The Ogden Sub has a Siding at Swan Lake, UP 495 and UP 9319 wait for northbound trains before continuing their trips south. There is also an elevator at this location.

UP 3679 with it's train is running next to the main highway, but the photos are from the county road in the Chicken Creek area.

North bound from Swan Lake, you will pass through Red Rock Pass, where Lake Bonneville spilled over and drained in the Snake River. We see UP E-units headed north, just passing under the Highway bridge.

The Talking detector at mile post 88.7 is also in the Red Rock area.

There is a stone marker on top of a small hill at Red Rock the these photos are taken from that hill. You see the Talking detector in the right of the first photo.

The highway follows the rial line from Red Rock to Downey Idaho.

The siding at Downey Idaho is a busy place at times. It's the first large siding south of McCammon Jct. UP 9721 waits for the northbound E-units.

UP 6162 leads a northbound freight, UP 2579 heads up the north bound Acid Train and UP E9 951 in on the point of a bussness train head north out of Downey.

Here as with the rest of the line, has seen an increase in SP power leading trains. SP 8616 was southbound and pulled into the siding at Downey to meet the SP 8315 Northbound.

UP 9271 is southbound at Virginia Idaho, there is a small siding with a grain elevator. The UP Acid train passing through Virginia with UP 2579 in the lead.

Arimo Idaho has a short passing and some house tracks, but I have seen no use of the these tracks. The Acid train is seen crossing the fill just south of town.

The UP E9s are seen passing the old elevators in Arimo.

UP 9300 is at mile post 100, only ten more miles to the end of it's trip over the Ogden Sub, this is at about the March Valley High School.

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