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BNSF in Arizona

Williams, AZ

The BNSF transcon line runs from Chicago to southern California.  Most of it is double tracked but several sections of single remain, such as Abo canyon in eastern AZ.  80 to 100 trains per day move through the area.  The photos were taken near Williams Junction, AZ situated about 30 miles west of Flagstaff on I-40.

Williams itself is where the Grand Canyon Railroad is headquartered and its trains depart for the lodge at the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Historic Route 66 runs through the town and is located across the tracks from the restored station and Harvey House. Williams Junction is just east of town and it is where the former ATSF main line now splits from the BNSF transcon line.  Williams is also where the BNSF line from Phoenix joins the transcon.

Everyone thinks of AZ as desert, but as the photos show, the northern part of the state is heavily forested along the I-40 corridor.  Lots of clear blue sky and pine trees.  Normally this part of the state experiences lots of cold weather and snow.  Well, so far in 2006, they have had the cold but very little snow.  Pretty close to nada, zip, nyet, goose eggs.

Phoeniz, AZ

Their is a yard in Phoenix, not too far from the State Capital.  An assortment of power including GP60M in silver war bonnet were there when the posted photos were taken.  The former Santa Fe line comes in from the north west and follows US Route 60 (Grand Ave) before terminating at the yard that runs north/south along N 19th Ave.

The junction with the UP line through town is south but I am unclear as to where.  I was there by accident so I will wait to know HOW I got there before including it here.