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Crestline, OH

Crestline Map Link

Crestline is a sleepy town on US Route 30 just a little west of Mansfield.  The CSX tracks running through here area continuation of the lines running through Berea and will continue on through Fostoria.  It is dual track with crossovers and a small yard. 

The day I took the photos, a UP led train and the CSX led movement were halted side by side on the eastern side of the Route 30 crossing.  They both received green at the same time and the drag race was on.  Even though the CSX train was a priority container movement, the mixed freight with the UP power on the front had a pretty good hole-shot of the line.  In a manner of speaking.

I shot from the parking lot on the north side of the tracks, next to the East of Chicago Pizza Company.  Depending on the light, I guess you could also use the VFW lot on the other side of the tracts with no fear of problems.  The highway 61 overpass would provide a good down-angle view as well.

The map is a bit misleading as I saw no evidence of any track running north along Route 61.  And the trackage to the yard at Wiley Street is much simpler now.