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Huntington and Barboursville


Huntington and Barboursville, WV

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Huntington has long been a major location within the infrastructure of the Chesapeake and Ohio, Chessie System, and CSX.  During the era of steam, it was considered one of the most capable steam facilities on the east coast and often had foreign power within its shops for heavy repair.

There are two main tracks through the town with triple track portions located near the busy Barboursville site.  Extensive coal car storage tracks run the length of the yard complex which spans from 29th Street along Eight Avenue to 1st Street.  There are at least 2 spurs serving the coal docks on the Ohio River.

The former passenger station at 8th Street and 7th Avenue is now home of the C & O Business Unit.  There are still 2 private car tracks at the station; one hosts a commemorative U-boat for Marshall University and the other accommodates business cars.  The two tracks nearest the platform are the main lines.

From Huntington, trains head north through the former B & O line to Point Pleasant, south to the Logan, WV coal fields via the line at Barboursville, or west to Ashland Kentucky.  (The track work at Catlettsburg-Ashland Raceland is equally impressive.  Photo access is via any bordering streets.)

Access to any CSX property is not allowed but you can obtain great photo locations along many right of way locations while remaining totally legal.  Access to the coal loading areas is sketchy.  Keep any small dogs away from the very large river rats

As with many map programs, the attached map is greatly simplified.  But along 8th Avenue between 21st Street and 25th Street I recall, you get next to the tracks either by the alley or open lots from businesses that are no longer viable.  Likewise, on the west end of town, follow US Route 60 (Adams Avenue - Waverly Road) to the intersection of Camden Road.  Follow south a block or so to Madison Avenue Piedmont road.  Turn west for several blocks to Vernon Street turning left to the tracks.

You can also cross the tracks to James River road and head west to you approach the overhead bridge.  There is room to pull off and photograph trains moving either way on the main.

Further west on US Route 60 is Ceredo and Kenova, WV.  There is a large coal loading facility along Beech Street and A Street (same street merely different name as you go from Ceredo to Kenova).  Also, there is a large railroad bridge running over Route 60 and the Ohio River that carries the NS mainline to and from southern Ohio and the western WV coal fields.  It is also a continuation of the NS mainline from VA. 

I do not know the access to the former passenger station on the hill at the southern staring point of the bridge.  It may be private railroad property but would make an incredible vantage point for photos of trains on the bridge.

Barboursville is east of Huntington and accessed by either US Route 60 or I-64.  Main Street connects to Route 60 on the eastern end of Barboursville through a narrow viaduct. Depot Street leads to the CSX shops so take Park Avenue and it becomes Chesapeake Street.  Good vantage point for trains coming east or west as well as out of the Logan coal mine fields.