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Medina and Lester


Medina and Lester, OH

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Medina is south of Berea (and Cleveland) on I-71.  The industry is switched by the Wheeling and Lake Erie, headquartered in Brewster.  These shots were all taken within 1 block of the intersection of South Medina Street and Route 18.  Much of the WLE action in Medina is at night.  During the day, the motive power is often spotted on a track at or just north of the old railroad station.  When you see the track you know why they are all C-trucks - for axle loadings. 

Lester is just a little west of Medina.  Take State Route 18/57 west and turn north (right) on to Route 57/252, Columbia Road.  Turn west on to Spieth Road/Route 57 into Lester - about 1 mile.

Going straight, less than 100 yards, the station is on the left.  The line coming in from the south east has originated in Akron while the line converging from the north east originated in Cleveland.  The line that heads west, along Route 57 goes to Elyria.  A cross from the station is a team track where center beam lumber cars are usually unloaded.  It is common for 2 engines and a caboose to be tied up on the stub next to the station house.

There is a siding on the western leg and trains are often spotted their for crew changes.  Although a branch, track is welded and the movements often include 3-six axle combos with foreign power  not uncommon.

If you go back to Columbia Road and head north toward Valley City, you will intersect Abbeyville Road that runs southeasterly back towards Route 18/57.  Less than 2 miles from the intersection, the track crosses over Abbeyville and the west branch of the Rocky River via an incredible trestle.

Caution: the road is curvy and narrow.  One day a Sheriff's Deputy stopped to ask me what I was doing; he was okay with a quick photo grab during the middle of the day.  BUT, not so if you try to climb up the bank to the trestle.  Likewise do not trespass on the Lutheran Church property and cemetery.  If someone is at the church, they will likely let you have access but don't be rude and not ask.