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Troy, OH

Troy Map Link  (note the east-west tracks were torn-up in the late 80s)

Troy is only about 5 miles north of Tipp City and there are several ways to get there.  But for the visitor, back-track to I-75 north to the next exit north, County Road 25-A.  Proceed north at the end of the ramp (right).  About 2 miles ahead, after descending into the flat, and in the 35 MPH speed zone, the tracks emerge from the trees about one quarter mile to the east.  Dye Mill Road is the first crossing but affords little in the way of photos except a head-on with a telephoto.  Continue on County Road 25A about 1/4 mile and turn left onto Union Street at Joe Johnson Chevrolet.

The CSX runs through the heart of the city and includes no less than 9 crossings plus a great Miami River bridge location.  These shots were taken at the Union Street, West Street, Market Street and Miami River locations. Because Troy is relatively small with flat terrain, even if you can't see the block signals (northbound at Union Street crossing or southbound at West Street crossing), you can hear any train's approach from either direction as they signal for the crossings.

To reach the levy location from Union Street, proceed north to the intersection with East Main.  Turn left (west) to the traffic circle.  Be in the right lane as you approach the circle and be prepared to yield to traffic in the circle.  Immediately exit the circle on to North Market Street (also RT. 55) and go across the bridge.  The baseball complex on the right has parking and access to the levy for shooting trains on the bridge over the river.

Coming out of the baseball lot, go north to the next intersection and move to the left hand lane to turn left onto Staunton road (which will become Riverside).  About 2 miles west is a neat viaduct where photos can be taken.  No formal parking but you can be creative.  Don't park too near the Viaduct as it is old and the road under it narrow. Continue on to a 5-way stop and turn left onto Piqua-Troy Road and about a mile or so and it crosses the tracks at Eldean Road.  Wide open space for approach photos.  Newly installed block signals are just to the north but as of this update, are not activated.

Continuing north on Piqua-Troy (very flat farm land) you will intersect Peterson Road on the right.  about a half mile is a crossing and block signals at the north end of a passing siding.  Wide open spaces for approach and passing photos.  No formal parking but parking back from the crossing on the berm is tolerated.

If your photo location is the north levy at the river, you can hear the southbound trains as they approach the crossing at Troy-Sidney Road. Likewise for northbound movements you will hear the approach to the Dye Mill Road crossing south of town. There is a stub line running northwest out of Troy serving the grain mill on Route 25A.  The traffic is seasonal and hard to predict.  In six years I have stumbled across only one grain movement, and that was late at night. Most crossings lend themselves to short lenses except for the bridge over the river.  But here is an old F-M switcher survivor still on the property (as of 2004).