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At Aberdeen, Maryland stands the last original B&O station on the Philadelphia Branch. Designed by Frank Furness, the 1885 structure saw passengers until 1958 at which time the B&O converted it to equipment storage, a role it would serve for successor CSX into the 1990s. Local groups then began efforts to preserve the historic station and perform repairs.

During 2014 the station was moved onto a new foundation about 50 feet further from the still-active tracks. Both volunteer help and donations are needed to complete the restoration efforts; you can mail contributions to the address specified at Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum.

All photos below were snapped during autumn 2009 and come courtesy Dave Hiteshew.

looking west, Bel Air Rd looking west looking north looking northeast looking east

Deterioration Detail
windows roof siding bricks overhang

storage shelves tools room ceiling

Exterior Artifacts
outside 1919 B+O brace lamppost old track

Eastbound Train Passes Station and Crosses Bel Air Road
eastbound CSX 4814 CSX 231 B+O 602911 end

More Philadelphia Branch pics are coming in a future update.

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