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PRR / Amtrak Northeast Corridor Mile By Mile

PRR / Amtrak Northeast Corridor Mile By Mile
Baltimore to Washington, DC

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Special Note: >>> The places depicted on this page host quiet, high-speed trains. Stay well clear! <<<

mp 108 Below is a list of photos at mileposts along the former Pennsylvania RR lines now part of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor (NEC) within Maryland. The mileposts mark the track distance from ZOO Junction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many of these photos do not appear in the PRR tour because they show nothing of particular historical note.

Many extant mile markers date to the 1902 merger of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad (PW&B) and the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad (B&P) to form the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad (PB&W). These originals are prism-shaped and metallic, probably iron, with raised black digits on a white-painted background, though many have become quite rusty. The mileposts stand about 3 feet above the ground. To many posts Amtrak has affixed placards with larger digits arranged vertically; these larger digits express the same number as the originals under the placards. Almost all the markers are located on the north/west side of the tracks.

The photo links are named by approximate compass direction of their view. Unless otherwise noted, the trackside mile marker sign or post can be seen within the photo. The letter Y in the table's "Orig?" column means at last check the original PB&W marker was extant.

Over time I hope to fill in those missing from the table. Any comments? EMail me.

+ = newest addition(s) to list

66 east n near Aberdeen, MD
67 west Y
69 north Y
70 east, west Y
75 east (DH) Y AMTK 2009
76 west Y
81 west Y
82 north, west Y
83 east, west Y AMTK 610
84 north Y Martin State Airport Station
87 east (DH), west (DH) Y
88 east, south n homemade milepost
  br 4 south n To Sparrows Point
  br 5 south n To Sparrows Point
90 west Y?
91 west Y near North Point Boulevard
92 west Y
93 east Y AMTK 2014
94 north (up) Y? aerial courtesy Google
95 west+ n? inside Union Tunnel, below Ensor Street
96 west n outside John Street tunnel north portal, damaged, only 9 digit visible
97 east (HHH) n AMTK 968 during 1977
98 east n site photo (milepost not present)
99 north, west Y
100 north (DH) Y
101 east, north (DH) Y AMTK 2013
102 north (DH) Y
103 north (DH), north (DH) n Halethorpe Station; AMTK 662; wood is substituting
104 north, south Y
105 north, west Y MARC 7762
106 north Y from BWI Rail Station
107 north, north Y AMTK 650
108 north, south Y with plane
109 west, south Y mp 108 + 52 + 71 (5271 feet); AMTK 645
110 north, west, south Y AMTK 2023
111 north, north, south Y closeup, MARC 29
112 north, east, south Y back view
113 north, south Y
114 west, south n wooden substitute
115 north, west Y
116 north, south Y MARC 25
117 west, south Y
118 south, east Y near Patuxent River
119 north, west, south Y
120 north, south Y Bowie State MARC station in distance
121 west Y
122 east, north, west Y both tracksides have mileposts; AMTK 651; MARC 16 + AMTK 2017 + MARC 10
123 east Y Maryland 193 bridges in background
124 east Y damaged
125 east Y
126 east, south Y
127 east (DH), north Y New Carrollton Station, ballast train; AMTK 668
128 west Y?
129 north, south Y with signal bridge
130 east Y magnified view from Cheverly Metro
131 east Y AMTK 669
132 east Y AMTK 2014
133 east, west Y AMTK 665
134 east, east, west Y deep zoom, highly magnified
135 east (DH) Y as seen from New York Avenue

HHH = picture courtesy HH Harwood
DH = picture courtesy Dave Hiteshew
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