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Keota-Washington Transportation Co.

John Schumann

The KWTC story is pretty strange. They started running the ex RI Keota-Washington branch in eastern Iowa (hence the name), but gave it up after a few months. They then relocated to the RI Iowa Falls- Vinton branch in late 1981. They bought 2 'church organ' Baldwin VO1000s from the Pacific Lumber Company (#104 & 105). 105 came in unservicable, and 104 made a couple of trips, then burned a traction motor. After that came 2 Geeps AC 150 and 151. They hauled grain from a single elevator at Wellsburg, in either 40 foot box cars (like the one on the interchange track behind the units), or covered hoppers if they could get them. When I shot this in 1982, KWTC was running only when the elevator had sufficient loads (not often). Not too long after, the RI trustee pulled the plug on them, and KWTC quit running. The Baldwins were scrapped, and the Geeps went on to other employment. 7/10/1982


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