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Leaside Aerial

This 1920's aerial view of Leaside looking north, shows the Canadian Northern Railway shops completed in 1919. Included are a 10-stall roundhouse and 80' turntable; a transfer table serving both a 12 track locomotive erecting shop and a 12 track car shop. The C.P.R. main line runs across the photo, (closest to the transformer station), with the station just out of view at far left, past cut of box cars. In the background are some industries, including the Durant Motors factory. City of Toronto Archives.




















This is the coaling plant after relocated to South Parry. July 1934
Canadian National Railways/James A.Brown Collection


All of these facilities were taken over by Canadian National Railways along with the rest of the Canadian Northern. This resulted in duplicate facilities and lines many of which were closed down or abandoned including most of the Toronto-Ottawa main line. The Leaside locomotive shop was closed March 31, 1926 with work transferred to Stratford. Work equipment had taken over the roundhouse and this was closed June 1, 1934 and also transferred to Stratford. Some of these brick structures were acquired by other businesses and remain in existance.

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