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Esquimalt and Nanaimo

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E&N Railfreight (CPR) 1996-1998

E&N Railway Company (1998) Ltd.

Southern Railway of Vancouver Island Rail Link 2006
Island Corridor Foundation



437083 plywood sheathed wooden SUF van. 414325 auxiliary crane behind.
Victoria, VI. 8/22/1977

Preserved 1988 at CP station and engine 3651 at Lethbridge.
Relocated 1/2015 Yorkton, SK. Randy and Shirley Rhinas.(CPR retired MofWay)

EN 292077 (CP Rail Multimark) 40 foot staggered double door 3895 cu. ft. box (292000-292384 series).
Pensacola, Florida 4/07/1978 Paul Wilshaw/Rick Morgan Collection

These cars were given E&N reporting marks (which CP had rights to) to better ensure their prompt return to VI for loading
of forest products destined to the US. This was to overcome a problem with CP cars being held in the US and reloaded.









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