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Old Time Trains

Brand new 8407 with two Alco representatives, Schreiber Road Foreman (of Engines) and the Chapleau Master Mechanic.

Everybody wants a look! RS-2 1500 hp MLW 76102 4/50 One of only 5 units.

Left to right: Tail-end Brakeman Doug Ross, Crew Clerk Val Lemieux, Head-end Brakeman John "Buster" McManus,
Road Foreman of Engines Jimmy Sheehan, Fireman Ernie Payette, Crew Clerk Myra Smilski,
Shop Laborer "Curly" Suzuki, Engineer Walter Paradis. Photo; Leo Aber

This end view shows such details as the combination pilot, a Canadian design to meet Board of Transport requirements for a pilot to deflect debris away from going under the unit and the Collective Agreement requirement for a full-width foot board for switching. Note the safety admonishment stencilled on both sides: "Employees are warned not to get on foot board when engine is approaching." This was a safety rule and was painted on foot board equipped steam engines as well. Note too the pair of air hoses next to the M.U. electrical receptacles. Early sanders operated by air.

This view shows a hopper car sitting at the powerhouse on an elevated track. Huck Suzuki

Going to work as they back down to couple onto their train, the West Way Freight. Believed to be the first trip.
Left to right: Johnny St.Jean, yardmaster. John "Buster" Mc.Manus.


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