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CPR Schreiber roundhouse

Down-on view of the roundhouse and shop track. ca.1955-56

Much of the roundhouse was daylighted (doors removed) around 1951 leaving only the last five stalls (16-20) enclosed.
In the transition from steam to diesel many changes took place especially at roundhouses most of which were demolished. Diesels ran through most terminals requiring much less labour intensive work compared to steam locomotives.
A new diesel shop was built at Chapleau and all maintenance was done there with only running repairs and servicing
carried out at other terminals mostly outdoors.

East doors of the roundhouse. A unique layout.

Earlier view looking east from the early 1940's with old coal chutes in background.

Roundhouse, coal chutes etc. with lone MLW RS-10 on shop track. June 1956. Bill Miller

Not much left! March 1973


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