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Thursday, October 21, 1883

A public meeting was held in the town hall at Horning's Mills last Wednesday to devise some scheme by which a railway (the Cascadilla Railway) might be built through the area. Mr. James Huxtable, in stating the objective of the meeting, reviewed the different efforts that had been made to secure railway communication with the outside world - by getting an extension of the Credit Valley Railway from Orangeville; by the building of a branch line of the North West Railway from Creemore or the Grand Trunk from Georgetown - all of which had failed. He suggested that a company be formed to build an independent line to tap the Toronto, Grey & Bruce, at either Shelburne or Melancthon Station. In support of this scheme he mentioned a visit he had paid to a line built by Mr. Rathbun, of Deseronto, to connect with the G.T.R., and also of an interview he had with Mr. Whyte, manager of the Ontario and Quebec Railway, who seemed to consider the scheme quite feasible. and that the O & Q directors would give it their hearty support.

Mr. Huxtable showed by figures based upon the returns of other lines and from the experience of competent railway men that such a line, if properly managed, should financially yield a fair dividend. After some discussion it was resolved that a committee be appointed to take up subscriptions to procure a charter from the Ontario Government. So far, so little difficulty has been experienced that it is confidently expected that the Cascadilla will be an accomplished fact.

Thursday, November 8, 1883

A meeting concerning the proposed Cascadilla Railway was held in the Horning's Mills Town Hall on Monday last. Notwithstanding the very unfavourable weather a very large number were present, James Huxtable in the chair. The meeting having been called to order, the chairman stated that its object was the appointment of provisional directors. The following were then chosen: Messrs. James Huxtable, G. L. Airth, William Taylor, Dr. John Barr, MP, Alex McKennie, Robert McGhee, MPP., Thomas Ferguson, Robert Marshall, S. P. Hodgson, D. C. Lamont and Richard Hewitt. Insofar as the proposed scheme is concerned the project meets with every success. At a subsequent meeting the following officers were appointed: James Huxtable, president; Robert McGhee, vice-president, and W. M. McKenzie, secretary.

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