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Walkerton & Lucknow

When the Toronto, Grey & Bruce stopped building at Mount Forest and Teeswater, giving up its plan to carry on to Kincardine, it wasn't the end of people's interest in having railway lines to serve their communities.

In 1878 the Saugeen Valley was incorporated (Ontario), to build from Mount Forest to Walkerton. They had hoped to get Federal Government assistance and when none was forthcoming, the effort died.

In 1887 the Teeswater & Inverhuron was incorporated to build from Teeswater to Glammis and Inverhuron, and from Glammis to Mount Forest. They were promised a Federal Government subsidy (expired August 1,1887), but when no Provincial bonus was offered, it too failed to get started.

Finally, after many years, the Walkerton & Lucknow was incorporated in 1904 to build from Walkerton to Teeswater and Lucknow, with a branch from Walkerton to Hanover. It was also given the power to amalgamate with the CPR or the Huron & Ontario. A January 1905 amendment was to build east from Hanover to Durham and to connect with the CPR between Markdale and Dundalk; and south from Lucknow to Wingham with a branch from Teeswater to Kincardine. These latter two lines were never built.

January 1906 a tender was called to build from Saugeen Jct. to Walkerton where work stopped. It was still intended to build to Lucknow and an extension was applied for in November, nothing more was built.

The Walkerton & Lucknow was leased to the CPR November 12, 1906 for 99 years, before it was even completed. The railway was opened July 9, 1908 from Saugeen to Durham (Mile 16.6), and Hanover (Mile 27.5). It was opened August 10th to Walkerton at Mile 37.3. Here it all came to an end. A newspaper item dated Thursday July 29, 1909 reported as follows: Two CPR engineers from Montreal were in Tiverton last week concerning the proposed extension of the Walkerton branch of the railway to Inverhuron. They examined the ravine north of the village and found access to Lake Huron could be obtained with a low grade. Nothing came of this.

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