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Cliff Beegan's Photographs

Former CPR brakeman on the MacTier Subdivision

Second Class train 953 February 19th, 1954 steam engine 2305,
(4-6-2 Pacific, former passenger engine), engineer Elmer Newans,
late morning fast freight from Lambton Yard to Western Canada.

CPR #953 with engines passing under the new highway 401 overpass north of Weston.
The van is between AP Green Firebrick and Fruehauf trailer.

Just south of Emery.

Approaching Woodbridge.

Cedar Mills between Humber and Palgrave.

Approaching Baxter bridge.

Baxter bridge.

Midhurst, northbound MacTier Way Freight in the distance up towards the station
in the siding to clear 953 a Second Class (superior) train.
Here a standing inspection was made as per Special Instruction C requiring this at no more than 40 miles,
except that Time Table Footnotes for Mac Tier Sub. extends the distance to 75 miles, thus requiring only one stop.
Cliff and the conductor were inspecting their train (at right), then Cliff rode the headend
while the headend man and the conductor would board the van when the train pulled up.

Approaching Carley with Third 80 (Fourth class) in the siding for a meet.

Hot box at Carley. Flagged down by Third 80.
Cliff was "decorating", riding on top to pass hand signals to set off the Bad Order car in the Back track at Carley.

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