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This 1927 map was used to indicate the location of a proposed floodlight system. It is more important for what else it shows, namely the track arrangement of Lambton prior to its final extension past Scarlett Road and the early layout of tracks 1 to 6 at Keele Street near the water track and ice house lead, some of which were later re-aligned parallel to the bulk of West Toronto tracks. Capacity of West Toronto Yard shown as 858 cars, Lambton Yard 886.

The system of 27 Pyle-O-Lite floodlights were to be located on 3-120 foot galvanized steel towers as well as on top of both West Toronto and Lambton coaling plants. At some time a tower was added by the lead just east of Jane Street near the new coal chutes. This would have been closer to the yard leads than the coal plant.

The system was budgeted at $16,120, each of the 27 1000 watt 120 volt lamps cost $3.50 while the towers were $250.00 each not including the foundation.

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