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West Toronto Yard


Lambton Yard

Triple Crown Services Road Railer
Owned by Norfolk Southern, operated by CPR between Detroit and Toronto.

This service began May 15,1991 and continued until the end of October 2002.
Effective November 1, 2002 it was routed over CN.

Scenes on the Galt Sub. mainline.

Road Railer sits on L13 and L11 waiting for the power seen on the right coming up L9 from the yard office.
Looking east from Jane Street, the end is only days away.

Closeup of the knuckle coupler equipped bogie. Locomotives will couple on here.

Close up of bogie between trailers.

Looking west, rear portion of train on L11.

Ready to go. SBU is on.

The above views were taken in late October 2002 shortly before the service ended on CPR.

CN took over the service.

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