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CPR Business Car 6

Business Car 6 possibly on its last run Galt c.1958 Bill Thomson

Car '6' was assigned to the Superintendent at London, Ont. from 1930 to 1958. Car Number '6' was removed
from service and retired July 1958, then dismantled at Angus shops February 1959. The photo was probably taken on the cars last trip to Angus.

The car was built by CPR's Angus shops in Montreal and delivered new to the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company as private car LETHBRIDGE on September 14, 1905 and was assigned to Winnipeg, Man. It was used by the
president and managing director of the AR&I. It was built with open platforms at both ends at a cost of $15,904.33.
Interior arrangement was one bedroom, two sections, a dining room at one end, an observation room at the
opposite end and a kitchen. The value of the contents i.e. table and kitchen ware (china and silver), bedding linen, etc,
was an additional amount of $1,875.69.

Electric lighting was installed at Angus September 1910.

The AR&I and car LETHBRIDGE were acquired by CPR April 1912. The railway interests of the AR&I were leased to the Canadian Pacific January 01/1912 its operations merged with the Company January 01/1912 and the rolling stock,
including the LETHBRIDGE, added to the CPR inventory June 30, 1912.

In 1912 was used as a spare car at Montreal.

Car was stencilled CPR in 1913, but carried the same name and was assigned to General Manager Eastern Lines, Montreal for a very short period. It was then again a spare car at Montreal 1913 to 1918.

The car body colour was changed from natural mahogany finish to Tuscan red October 1917.

The car was named ONTARIO (iii) in November 26, 1918.
It was then assigned to General Supertendent Ontario District at Toronto, Ont.

Its Mahogany exterior was restored February 1923 by special request by the then General Superintendent with permission of E.W. Beatty. The car was fitted with Burnett steel trucks December 1926.

Named NEW BRUNSWICK (iii) December 28, 1928 it was assigned to the Genera lSuperintendent New Brunswick District at Saint John, NB until replaced in 1930 by the new steel car NEW BRUNSWICK (iv) in 1930. In 1928 the car was
repainted again to Tuscan red.

May 29, 1930 the car was numbered '6' at Montreal and assigned to Division Superintendent at London Ont.
It was last assigned to J.O. Johnston at London (1950-1958).

It was withdrawn from service in 1958 and dismantled at Angus shops July 1958.

It was replaced by the sleeping-observation car FORT COULONGE, which was then converted to a business car.
Became 28 in 4/1962 and sold 1968 to Quebec Cartier Railway.

Douglas R Phillips



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