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London Division Yard Engines: Steam

M4 class 3418 3421 3422 3427 3438 3471 3504 3558
U3 class 6273 6275 6277 6295 6301

3421 London October 1953 Bud Laws Collection

M4d 3422 Cyl. 21" x 28" Drv. 58" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 36% Schenectady #30274 10/1904.
Windsor Yard September 3, 1958 David V. Leonard

Windsor yard engine 3504 dead in the Bone yard at Lambton. M4g MLW #43107 September 1907 Bob Shaw
Note the near-new tyres, an indication of little use since backshopping in July 1956.
Reported dead London October 1959

M4h 3558 CPR 11/1900 Windsor 7/17/1956 N.R.Lee/Ken Mac Donald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

U3e class 6273 in an old undated photograph switching in Goderich Yard. Collection of Steve Hoshel

6275 in Goderich Yard, May 30,1958. Elmer Treloar/NMS&T Collection

Preserved at Huron County Pioneer Museum, Goderich.

6277 with brand new canvas covering stack indicates recently taken out of service.
This was last U3 at London along with 6295 outposted at Goderich.

6295 with smokebox door open.


6301 (U3e CPR Nov. 1913) final steam engine assigned to Guelph Yard sits in the Bone Yard
at Lambton shop, waiting to be moved dead to Angus for scrapping. Replaced February 1957
briefly by GMD SW8 diesel, 6702 from Windsor, until a new MLW S3, 6590 was received.
Equipped with a Watchman heater (eliminating need for an enginehouse), it was the regular
Guelph yard engine for many years. Eventually, in October 1982 the yard assignment was
abolished and replaced by a Road Switcher assignment established at Guelph Junction.

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