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Guelph Junction Gallery part Two

Hooping up! Extra 5752 West trailing 6030 and another unit. Note both train order boards at yellow.

Hooping up! 8785 carrying green.

No. 90 engine 2332 eastbound to Lambton. May 14, 1959. James A.Brown Collection

2214 assisting 5406 at the Junction. Engines have been cut off the train possibly to go for water since it looks like the fireman is on the back of the tender while a conference is being held by the rest of the crew! Paul Meyer/L.B.Chapman Collection

Extra 2214 East returning to Lambton likely off the train above. L.B.Chapman Collection

Extra 2206 East is light engine move off Assist to Orrs Lake going back to Lambton Yard. It will be a fast ride!
August 1959 Bill Thomson


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