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Tillsonburg and Tillsonburg North


CPR Tillsonburg station nicely restored and relocated next to the already restored old GWR station (below).

CN Tillsonburg North

Three photos: October 1971. Al Howlett


View looking east. Sunday, July 10, 1977 Arnold W. Mooney

How it looks now! Still on original location. Looking east. 6/30/2016 Arnold W. Mooney

CN Tillsonburg North not long before abandonment of this part of the line. Elizabeth A. Willmot

Nicely restored to its Great Western Railway appearance on original site for commercial use.

CASO Tillsonburg

Originally this line was the Canada Southern (CASO), later Michigan Central, then New York Central,
then Penn Central, then Conrail and finally Canadian National! September 1985 Gene Burles

Latest restoration for commercial re-use is this former New York Central station on the CASO Subdivision.

CN Tillsonburg

Long gone is this old CN station on the Wabash Division's Cayuga Subdivision which ran south of the town.
Originally known as the Air Line, for its beginning as the Canada Air Line, which was owned by the Great Western.
Three photos September 1971 Al Howlett




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