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CPR Cornwall Subdivision

Originally Glengarry and Storemont Ry.

Line opened in May 1915 from St-Polycarpe Junction (Soulanges) to Cornwall.
It was promptly leased to the CPR for 99 years. It was abandoned December 25, 1995.


Extra 8588 West looks to have lots of power for its short train! In fact, the 4 trailing units are all on idle.
They are deadheading on the Cornwall Swing to Vaudreuil for the Monday morning suburban trains.
Dorval, Sunday, July 14, 1968

4069_4070_1432_RS-10 St.Luc July 21, 1974. Unidentified RS-10 is for the Cornwall Swing.

On Sundays, we’d deadhead 3 commuter units backwards for him to set off at Vaudreuil for the eastbound commuter trains on Monday morning. We had them lifted eastbound by #58 on Friday and St. Luc would use them locally until Sunday’s #55. And often the Friday units were scattered all over the place, and 3 different units would go out on Sunday. LBC

Last D4g 424 spotted at the coal loader. Ash in foreground. CPR 5/1915
Cornwall, Ont. 8/1948 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

426 sitting outside the enginehouse at Cornwall. 11/1947 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

Extra 435 at Cornwall July 1948 Stan Styles/L.B.Chapman Collection

D4 492 at Cornwall 6/12/1937 W.E.Paul/L.B.Chapman Collection
Engineer and fireman watching woman walking away. Likely the wife of one of them.
492 the highest numbered D4g was actually not the last of its class due to number conflict.
425-492 built 11/1912 to 12/1914 followed by 417-424 2/1915 to 5/1915

492 on display inside at Exporail.

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