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CPR Prescott Subdivision

282 Hinkley Locomotive 1618 8/1883 Prescott, Ontario 1891 David Jeans Collection
Note: Became A5c 7083 (83) scrapped 7/1926

G5c 1267 (CLC 2363 1/1947) on the turntable at Prescott Ontario. Bruce Chapman Collection

The engine had arrived on the local passenger train #592 from Ottawa the evening previous,
and is now being removed from the shop by the chargeman to return to Ottawa as train #593.
Note the unusual truss rod added to strengthen the table similar to what was used on rolling stock.

Prescott - CPR Terminal -1929.05.17-1 Look southeast_ Diller-Emory, Nat.Air Photo Library,NRC A1090.43

View of waterfront including a passenger boat, grain elevator and CPR roundhouse and yard. 1948
Note: Salt was also unloaded at the elevator.

Unloading hoppers of coal. Water tank and roundhouse in background.

M4h 3546 is 50 years old! CPR 5/1909
Digital restoration: Walter Pfefferle

Canadian Pacific Car and Passenger Transfer Company

Prescott, Ontario - Ogdenbsurg, New York

Ottawa West

G5b 1219 (MLW 10/1945) leaving Ottawa Union with #559/263, the afternoon Pool
train to Brockville from track #2. On track #1 is the passenger/mixed for
Waltham Quebec with a D4g. Bruce Chapman Collection

5107 about to leave the shop track for train 94 early A.M. way freight to Prescott.
c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

Two photographs of 3417 assisting 3690 with train of empties for coal service Prescott.
Assist engine will come off at Ellwood four miles south and return light to Ottawa West
c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection


M4g 3528 assisting 2229 with coal hoppers to Prescott.
c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection


G1 2207 on #94, the Prescott wayfreight at Bedell Mile 103.2 Winchester Sub. 09/18/1948
Walter Casselman/L.B.Chapman Collection


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