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Rebuild all GMD GP7 & GP9 Road Switchers, also SW1200RS BLU (Branch Line Units), and modify for use as yard switchers only. Work includes: major overhaul, complete re-wiring, chop nose and removal of Dynamic Braking (GP's), restrict unit to maximum speed of 35 mph by elimination of parallel contactors, (no electrical transition) except that when moved dead or on idle, geared speed of 65 mph will still apply. New style steps and uncoupling levers. GP7 units not already changed will receive "BC" engine block from retired A & B units to replace original "B" block.

Exceptions were the 5 GP9's previously rebuilt, 8492, 8518, 8530, 8615 and 8619. Renumbered 8200-8204. Along with 12 SW1200RS (this was changed to 23 units in 1985), which were to remain as Road Switchers. Also all RS-23 BLU's remain as Road Switchers, for yard and road service. Note: Later, 48 GP9 units were rebuilt as road switchers (8205-8252) due to reduction in number of yard units required.

Rebuild all MLW RS-18, RSD-17 Road Switchers in a similar manner, including chop nose, except remain as Road Switchers.

Rebuild all GMD SW9, SW8, and SW900 yard switcher units. Apply roller bearings to trucks. Apply standard M.U. to SW9 units, replacing non-standard M.U. Apply M.U. to SW8 and SW900 units.

Equip oil lubricated friction journal bearing trucks with grease lubricated roller bearings.
GMD SW8 and SW900 (6700's), SW9 (7400's) and lightweight RS-23's 8013-8018.

Note: GMD switchers to receive 8" suspension bearings which are standard road unit size, to eliminate 8 1/4" size being used thus standardizing on one size axle. Journal boxes from scrapped MLW yard units to be modified and applied the same as was done on many MLW yard units converted to roller bearings.

Note: 8013-8018 were special lightweight units built specifically for joint CP-CN operation out of Sutherland, Saskatchewan, and are equipped with special lightweight trucks, GE 731 traction motors (instead of 752). To be equipped with special wheel assemblies equipped with standard SKF grease lubricated roller bearings, standard MLW yard switcher 75 tooth bull gear and 8 1/4" suspension bearings.

Modify GMD GP30 & GP35 and MLW C-424 4-axle Road Freight units to Road Switcher as replacements for road switchers being rebuilt into yard switchers. Apply rear pilot, second rear headlight, rear number board etc. New style steps and uncoupling levers. Many of these units were originally built as road switchers.

Retire obsolete units. All Alco/MLW yard units with model 539 prime mover (engine): S3, S10, S11 660 HP (6500-6600's); S2, S4 1000 HP (7000-7100's), yard switchers. Continue retiring all remaining Alco/MLW units with 244 prime mover; RS-2, RS-3, RS-10. (All A & B units previously retired.) Also all Baldwin units. (All CLC/FM units were long ago retired as obsolete, as were CLC Hydraulic units.)

Modernize air brakes. Beginning in 1982 air brake schedule modernized by replacing old original equipment with newer type as units rebuilt. 1982-83, SW8 7400-7405 from 6SL to 26L. 1983, GP9 units from 24RL to 26LUM starting with 1550. RS-18 from 24RL to 26L starting with 1813. 8100-8130 from 6SL to 26L starting with 1212 ??

Equip SW9 units (7400's) with SW1200RS (8100) style number boards on front of units.

Sandbox modifications. Rear of carbody squared off to accommodate larger capacity sand box. 1512 has extra lareg rear sandbox. 1513, 1514, 1515, 1691 and early chop-nosed GP9's 8518, 8530, 8615, 8619 and 8654 have standard size large sandbox on the rear. 8492 (re# 8204) and 1516 onward do not have this modification.

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