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7011 (Alco #70240 5/43) this was the second of a five unit order (7010-7014), the first order for Alco 1000 HP yard switchers. Shown here in Script lettering at Parkdale where it worked the Parkdale Lead job three shifts, seven days a week until its retirement on January 15, 1986 not long before Parkdale Yard itself was closed. Note it has one newer style truck and one older Blunt type. It was this way for many years and was not the only unit that wound up this way, there were also two St.Luc engines, 7012 and 7041. This came about during overhaul of the trucks whereby one would be replaced with a rebuilt truck, the truck rebuilt and exchanged for the other one or, passed along to the next unit requiring this work. John Street kept one spare truck of both types. 7011 was not always a Toronto engine having been originally delivered to Montreal as part of the first order for five Alco yard diesels. It transferred here from Smiths Falls in later years. When I worked at Parkdale Yard, this was my favourite engine! When it was scrapped, a friend of mine went to the scrap yard in Hamilton and bought the throttle as a present for me. R.L.Kennedy.

7011 in fresh Multimark paint scheme heading east across West Toronto Diamond. Joseph Testagrose Collection

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