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Alco S2



A filthy 7027 (Alco S-2 #77385 6/1945) sits with 6603 (MLW S-10 #82408 1/1958) on a siding east of the yard office at Parkdale. Note that 7027 still has original single headlight and original Blunt trucks. It would later get modified with roller bearings and newer style trucks from smaller horsepower units such as 6603 behind it which would also get roller bearings. Note too the combination pilot a Canadian invention. Compare this to the much cleaner 7032 below which has newer twin sealed beam headlight. It too got the newer style trucks but, would not get roller bearings. As the 660 hp units were retired their trucks went to 1000 hp units. Not all were done. This was because the Blunt truck was very labour intensive to do a wheel changeout. Both photos September 1978 Randy Kotuby

7029 sits on the shop track at John Street. 9/1978 Paul McGrane Collection


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