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John Street engines

H1 class 4-6-4

Twenty Eight Hundreds first worked important heavy passenger trains including The Dominion. Later, lesser trains and freight following arrival of diesels in the mid-1950's. Toronto-London-Windsor passenger trains were known as West End Through Runs manned by London tail-end crews that ran through London to cover the normal two subdivions for passenger trainmen. Headend men changed off at London running one subdivision as was also typical for engineers and firemen.

2840 in need of a cleaning of its grey jacket. Jim Buckley/Joseph Testagrose Collection

H1d 2856 MLW 69106 August 1938. Toronto circa 1940 Bud Laws Collection

Spotless 2856 circa early 1950's. Bud Laws Collection

2856 April 1952

Firing up a steam engine makes black smoke but this is excessive! The hostler better finish taking water, get back in the cab in a hurry and clear the stack. If the General Locomotive Foreman should see this he will have something to say about it!
2857 is not yet a Royal Hudson and not even one year old.
MLW 69107 8/38. John Street April 6, 1939 Bud Laws Collection


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