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Old Time Trains

Canadian Pacific Railway

John Street yard engines

U3 Class 0-6-0

Cyl. 18" x 26" Drv. 52" Press. 200 lbs. 27,500 t.e. 4 tons and 3500 gals.

U3d 6210 second engine D sub-class 6209-6259 CPR Angus 3/1911. Sitting on the turntable.
Note: Royal York hotel in far right background. Circa 1938.
Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

6213 on the shop track. Circa 1941. Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

6215 on the shop track. Talk about relaxed! 4/6/1945
Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection.

6239 note position of bell ahead of stack, also open smokebox door.
One thing for sure, this engine isn't making that black smoke. 1949
Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

6244 posed "rods down" on shop track. c.1939 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

U3e 6269 working the Swansea Transfer ex Parkdale. CNR Ice house in background. CPR 11/1912

6271 with lots of smoke. Has to be a Sunday otherwise the Locomotive Foreman would have something to say!
Late 1930's judging by the automobile in right background. Bud Laws Collection

6271 U3e class 0-6-0 built by the CPR 6/1913 at Bathurst Street running light from John Street to Parkdale
where it worked jobs like the Swansea Transfer. August 1947 James Walder

One of only two 0-6-0's out of hundreds built that was saved only to lay outdoors neglected and rusting away for over forty years at the Canadian Railway Museum. 6275 has been indoors all these years in a Goderich pioneer museum.

6275 Circa 1950 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

Spotless 6281 on side track. Circa 1940's James Adams/Bud Laws Collection

6288 Swansea Transfer on Goodyear Tire siding New Toronto. 1949 R.J.Sandusky

6298 was assigned to John Street circa 1953-1955. In 1952 West Toronto (not Lambton) roundhouse.

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