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Aerial Parkdale - 1935

Looking east from Dufferin Street. At left is CPR Parkdale "Top Yard"; team tracks, shed and station are all out of view.
Galt Sub. main line has fresh white ballast. CNR main line to the left. The main part of Parkdale yard in upper middle, before it was expanded to its final size. Large complex of buildings near bottom left with high white smoke stack is Toronto Carpet. This entire area of light industry, south of King, east of Dufferin and west of Hinde & Dauch was known to the CPR as the Circle and was served by both CNR and CPR with tracks running throughout, although very few were actually switched by both. One place that did was Central Warehouse. Tracks near here allow yard engine to "circle" around in opposite direction. Due to track layout cars would be on both ends of yard engine switching the area.

The Mercer Reformatory (women's prison) is the group of buildings above Toronto Carpet taking up entire block. Farther still is Hinde & Dauch Paper mill, an angled building due to the Whaf Lead next to it. Group of buildings to right of Parkdale Yard is the old Central prison. Massey-Harris plant at top on both sides of King Street West. Far right is CNR main line to Hamilton and Canadian National Exhibition buildings. The street running east and west through the middle of the factory area is Liberty Street.

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