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One of three locomotives used to supply heat and air for coaches. P2a class 2-8-2 5307 built by CPR Angus Shops in July 1919 (11 years old) it was one of ten built that year. They were the most powerful freight locomotives on Eastern Lines when built (56,100 t.e.) and were the only P2's assigned to the Ontario District in 1930. (Lambton: 5300, 5301, 5307, 5309; Smiths Falls: 5302, 5303, 5304, 5305, 5306, 5308. These latter ones no doubt for the rugged Chalk River Sub..)

So successful were these locomotives that many more went on to be built, right up until the end of steam when 5473 was built in October 1948, one of 12 final P2's.

Notice the style of headlight as well as the slanted number boards, the latter figured in a serious wreck involving miss-identification of an engine number at night. Note the lack of a feedwater heater bundle, such appliance not being added until later years.

Note the steam piping added along the boiler and down to the pilot to a connection along the ground, also air hose connected to the trainline. Note too, water pipe running up to back of the tender to fill tank.

Two employees are shoveling ashes into a wheel barrow while a third is raking the ashes out of the ashpan. A fourth looks out from the gangway at the unknown photographer.

Behind the locomotive is a reefer (refrigerator car) to supply ice for drinking water in the sleepers. (Photo collection of D.More)



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