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Parkdale Yard redevelopment

Aerial view looking south-east. Red-ish colour is 1100 King Street West condominium townhouse and high-rise development originally known as High Res it was planned by the developer Urbancorp to total 1,600 units including four 28-storey residential towers, 105 townhouses and four commercial buildings. It was rejected by the City of Toronto, downsized to 1,100 units and again rejected. It was downsized again in 2004 and re-named King Towns of High Res where 87 townhouses are planned for the first (east) part of this three-hectare site.

Galt Subdivision main line is the curving track at the left edge of red. This was the top yard at Parkdale.
Visible above this is another townhouse development along Sudbury Street where a large lumber yard was located.
Tan coloured area is another development Liberty Village and site of the main part of Parkdale Yard plus John Inglis plant on Strachan Avenue. To the left is King West Village at 954 King Street another Urbancorp development on the former site of the massive Massey-Ferguson plant. Industry left the area in the 1980's and 90's along with all sidings and yard tracks of both railways. March 2003.

Aerial view looking south east close up of Parkdale top yard. Earlier high rise buildings on east side of Dufferin Street south to King Street West. Parkdale station was in the bottom centre leg fronting on Dufferin at Queen Street West. Green is open field of Lamport Stadium, once the location of Mercer Reformatory (womens prison). Long building to right by tall stack is part of former Toronto Carpet factory complex redeveloped into offices as were many other light industries in this area. March 2003.

The area has long been a low-income residential area dating from the 19th. Century. Some buildings from that era still remain in use and redeveloped including the Drake Hotel and Gladstone House hotel built in 1889, located on Queen Street West and Gladstone Avenue, one block east of Dufferin Street, it was long a hang-out for CNR workers!

Liberty Village, 475 stacked townhouses under construction 2004 on 18-hectares (45-acres) site former John Inglis plant.
Looking west at Strachan Avenue. Galt Sub. main line. Signal bridge marks TTR Limit. July 3, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Battery Park 23-storey, 316 unit condominium, to be built in 2005,
first of three planned high-rises on site of the old Inglis plant.

East Liberty Street a new street through old industrial land. Former Irwin Toy (old Hinde & Dauch) straight ahead.
Old Liberty Warehouse at right, previously The A.R.Williams Machinery Company, Liberty Street Plant; originally a prison.
July 3, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Dominion Store 24-hour supermarket (50,000 sq.ft.) located where Parkdale Yard Office once stood. Looking northwest.
Opened in January 2004 after a long delay due to contaminated land cleanup. July 3, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Rear of the Dominion Store where Parkdale Yard was located. Looking west towards top yard. Floodlight tower is an original, located south side King Street West at Atlantic Avenue. Only the two main tracks remain. CNR two tracks far right.
July 3, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Same spot as previous photograph, looking east. Liberty Village at right.
High rise at left on old Massey-Ferguson plant property.
July 3, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Hanna Avenue looking east at point of 90 degree right turn. New road (East Liberty Street) angles to right, entrance to parking lot for Dominon Store etc. angles to the left. A small, low addition (where men are walking) to the old Irwin Toy (formerly, Hinde & Dauch mill) was demolished. Previously, you had to make a left turn to go around the end of the building on a private dirt road to get to the yard offcie etc. July 3, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

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