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This C.P.R. station was jointly used by Canadian National Railways (as was the C.N.R. station at Sunnyside to the west).
The Don station was at the T.T.R. limits. Operators issued orders to C.N. northbound and eastbound freight trains, but seldom handled anything for C.P.R. trains except for some ticket sales. A joke amongst the Operators was that they worked for the C.N.R. but got paid by the C.P.R.! This station opened October 19, 1896 was closed December 5, 1967 and moved in August 1969 to Todmorden Mills park. Note: The last train to stop at the Don was #388 the Peterboro Budd Car on Saturday, April 27, 1968 (due at 6.34 p.m.) when two passengers (railfans) from Union Station detrained.

Note the old low level Queen Street East bridge in the background.

King and Queen Streets level crossing. 1907

Street view of old low level bridge 1910.

A new high level bridge crossing both the river and the railway tracks was opened on October 8, 1911.

Looks like two pieces of baggage waiting for a train. November 1956
Toronto Public Library/Salmon Collection

April 1964 Al Paterson

CNR Extra likely stopped for a meet.

Don station, shown here in Todmorden Mills Park 1983 Jeff Henricks

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