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CNR Sunnyside Station

Sunnyside station was located in the west end of Toronto on the GTR/CNR Oakville Subdivision connecting Toronto with Hamilton and points beyond. The CPR has had rights to operate trains over this line to Hamilton and Buffalo since 1896 as a Joint Section of trackage. Sunnyside was owned and staffed by Grand Trunk/Canadian National. The grade separation project saw South Parkdale (between Jameson and Close) and Swansea (Lake Shore Road and Windermere Ave. closed December 1, 1910), stations closed and replaced by Sunnyside, mid-point between the two.

Old GTR Sunnyside Station, November 29, 1911.

During reconstruction work a temporary station was located in this coach. October 25,1911.

New GTR Sunnyside Station, from street level. May 4, 1915.

Lots of people waiting in this old postcard view circa 1920.

Guess everybody got on board!

View from King Street looking westward. Next to station is lunch counter building. Station-like structure in background is streetcar waiting room. Note row of telephone booths against station wall also signs at entrance CANADIAN NATIONAL TELEGRAMS and Bell Telephone pay phone. Also open honour pay system newspaper box common for many years.
CAR STOP painted on pole was standard for TTC also for many years. May 2, 1955
Toronto Public Library/James V. Salmon Collection


Effective October 30, 1966 Sunnyside was eliminated as a stop for CPR and CNR passenger trains, except for the Hamilton-Toronto commuter trains, which ended with the beginning of GO Transit trains in May 1967. It was demolished shortly thereafter.

Other than the railway.

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