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Note: Some of these units were maintained at Toronto Yard Diesel Shop while others were maintained at St.Luc.

8248 (ex 8826 r/b 9/1989) GMD A1717 7/1959

1860 (ex 8769 r/b 5/1989) MLW 82450 4/1958. Sold 5.1998 OSR 180

8598 third to last RS-10 (8600) MLW 81534 8/1956.
Note TH&B power in background. July 19, 1983.

4050 and leased B&M 1518 Alco RS-3. Note small Multimark.

5400_5413 (ex QNSL 204_217) two of 15 units leased 12/1983 and purchased 1/18/1985.
204 GMD A2332 1/1969. 217 GMD A2550 6/1971
These and many leased units US roads all assigned to Toronto Yard for maintenance.

4089 part of 7 unit order (4084-4093) FA2 MLW 79156 9/1953

4201_8591_BLE_B-unit (leased). Digital enhancement: Gordon Kennedy

4201 first of 32 unit order. MLW 84839 3/1965

4233_8433_8764 Digital enhancement: Gordon Kennedy

4242 months old C-424 in script lettering. 16 unit order (4233-4248) MLW M3436-10 1/1966
Digital enhancement: Gordon Kennedy

Brand new 4250 was the last C-424 M3426-17 3/1966 and 4249 were added to order to replace wrecks.
Digital enhancement: Gordon Kennedy

Two weeks old! M-630 MLW M6030-04 10/14/1969. Digital enhancement: Gordon Kennedy

One-of-a-kind M-640 4000 HP AC powered. Originally to be 4719 but delayed 6 months in production.
MLW M6032-01 3/1971 Digital enhancement: Gordon Kennedy

8800 last RS-18 (8729-8800 72 units) MLW 82426 7/1958

4016:2nd MLW 3/1966. Replacement for wrecked 1st 4016.
908 4016 hit 951 8460 August 8, 1957 at Attean, Maine due to dispatcher's error. Engineer killed.

FA-2 4085 one of ten freight units (4084-4093) MLW 77276 6/1953
This unit would later become 1100 the first air repeater car.
Sitting on the shop track at Toronto Yard.

FPA-2 4097 (MLW 79173 11/1953) one of five passenger untis (4094-4098) also
built the same year as 4085 above along with 2 passenger and 6 freight B units.
Downgraded from the days when it worked out of John Street hauling
The Canadian to/from Sudbury. Five years away from its retirement.


4089_8579_4016 a three unit consist typical for train sizes around these years.

4404 in small Multimark scheme. First MLW FB-1 part of 20 unit order. (4404-4423) MLW 77325 6/1950

M-630 4555 once used on coal trains in BC. MLW M6030-21 2/1970

4716 M-636 part of first order for 20 units. 3600 HP MLW M6031-17 5/1970

SD40-2 5563 at a time when some men still dressed like railroaders.

GP35 5017 (GMD A2082 5/1965) with Alco RS-3 B&M 1517 trailing.
This was a time when leased diesels of many makes and models were seen all over the system for years.

Nothing but MLW Alco power here. 4049 FA-2 MLW 77719 8/1951 Toronto Yard June 27, 1968

4464 one of only two FPB-2 units (equipped with OK-4740 S.G.) MLW 77731 8/1953
Toronto Yard June 27, 1968

5016 GMD A2081 5/1965 Toronto Yard June 27, 1968

Rear view of 8490 a GP9 assigned to Winnipeg has made its way to Toronto. Not a normal sight.
Phil Mason
Toronto Yard June 27, 1968

Train Master 8913 and MLW FB1 4416 on 955 waiting to head to MacTier. April 27,1965 John Mellow

4210 leads an all MLW-ALCO power, all Tuscan and grey consist. C-424, RS-3, RS-10 and FA-2.
July 15, 1968 John Dziobko

A clean MLW RS-3 8452 on the shop track with more Alco power. July 15, 1968 John Dziobko

8143 SW1200RS officially a BLU (Branch Line Unit) but commonly called a "pup". Equipped with Watchman heater (note small stack) to keep engine and coolant warm during cold weather for use at outside points without a shop. Added front metal piece with visibility stripes. Handrails on carbody as built, later relocated along walkway for employee safety. 8598 behind.

4025 (8463 trailing) part of 20 unit order 4008-4027 FA1 MLW 77320 9/1950
Note: Even the horns have been painted red. Normally black along with the roof.
Note too the small Multimark.
5/1971 Schneider/Joseph Testagrose Collection

8594 RS-10s (MLW #81530 8/1956) in new CP Rail Action Red paint scheme leads RS-3 8458 (MLW 81045 11/1954)
and FA-1 4016 a unit with a history. Built 4/1950 as 4014 FA-1 traded-in 3/1966 to MLW on C-424 4249. 4014 was re-acquired and using major components of recently fire-damaged 8557 it was out-shopped by Angus 3/1966 long after "covered wagons" stopped being built it replaced an earlier unit with the same number built 8/1950, wrecked 8/1957 and rebuilt 11/1957 as RS-10s 8824. That is likely the conductor or tail-end trainman waiting to perform a pull-by inspection of his train. Note the radio on the ground. Note too the unique signal at far right. This is the Entrance Yard Track Indicators.
Toronto Yard June 1970


These units were part of a run-through power pool that included PC units which operated on the Kinnear
between Toronto Yard and Penn Central's (ex NYC) Frontier Yard in Buffalo, New York.

THB 71 in use on a day time local industrial job during layover between Kinnear arrival and departure.

TH&B_77_74_71 GMD GP7's. Toronto Yard June 27, 1968 Phil Mason

NYC 7431 and PC/ex NYC 7430 (see below) likely with a third unit. Toronto Yard 5/1970 Paul Mc Grane

PC 7430 ex NYC 7430

PC_2625_5824_7439 Kinnear run-thru pool power behind 7021 and HS-17




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