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Last Steam Freight Train

by R.L.Kennedy

5411 sitting in track 3 of Lambton Yard waiting to go. John D. Thompson

On her way! Shortly after 3.00 p.m. John D. Thompson


This was a Public Relations Dept. "last through Toronto-Montreal freight train hauled by steam". Ordered for 2.00 p.m. as a Trenton & Assist with engine 5411 on December 31, 1959. Crew: Conductor, Lloyd Embree, brakemen, Jimmy Booth and Mike Cereullo; engineer Joe Galkin, fireman Lindsay. Push engineer Joe Cassidy, fireman unknown. The train consisted of four loads and 61 empties. The assist engine, an RS-18 diesel, 8789 was sent ahead to Leaside, to keep it steam-only for photographs.

Arrival in Trenton was at 9.50 p.m. where 9 cars were set-off and a new crew took over, (including engineer Merv. Gard and fireman Frank Smith), departing there at 11.20 p.m. Upon arrival at Smiths Falls it uncermoniously ended there! 5411's fire was dumped and that was the end of steam powered through freight trains.

However, some steam operation did continue on the Trenton Division for the next four months. Both Trenton and Havelock used a D-10 to heat the roundhouse which required relief for the monthly boiler washout. A D-10 would work the Trenton Pick Up, provide steam while the 815 was washed out and then a couple of days later, return to Lambton. Havelock was handled differently. There a D-10 would work the Havelock Way Freight from Lambton and simply change off with the D-10 at Havelock and work back the next day to receive its washout at Lambton. 1057 and 1087 were the engines used.

It all ended April 30, 1960 when N2 class Mudhen 3722 worked the Port Mc.Nicoll branch. The next day, Sunday May 1st. 1960, the end of the steam era was marked with an excursion train that went down in history.

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