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MLW F1 4001 & 4401 Spanner April-May 1960

The above double cover photograph was likely taken much earlier than the April-May 1960 issue of Spanner
since long before this (see below) the newest diesels were being assigned to the Pig trains. 928-929 the "Big Pig" was using four RS-18's to maintain a high speed and overcome the high wind resistance of these trains.

Howard Fogg painting of a similar scene 8742-8743 at Christie Lake 1957
Montreal Locomotive Works Collection

CPR publicity photograph shows piggyback train on scenic Mud Lake bridge,
(running here as an "extra" in daylight for the photographer Nick Morant!)
with the newest diesels, MLW RS-18's 8746 and 8756.

First trains operated on Wednesday, October 9, 1957
November 1957

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Intermodal train in 1994

Eventually, changing conditions in freight shipping including trucking deregulation saw piggyback service which had spread all across Canada come to an end. The tremendous growth in container operations was a far different service, one based on overseas maritime traffic.




Originally named Iron Highway this service beginning in November 1996 returned piggyback operations to the Trenton Division with trains operating between West Toronto and Montreal.

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