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Doug Hately's Bowmanville Gallery

Station gallery

CWR trackwork.

Burro crane 2503-05 with 340965 gon used a boom car on work train.
Movements such as this required a conductor thus the van.
Circa 1990's this was requirement was eliminated.

Pyke crane (number unknown) with boom car 402218.

Two interesting views of an old sectionmen's tool house being loaded on a flat car for movement east to a new place.

Section house at left looks to be the new replacement.

Note: SOO units are run through power. Other foreign power is leased.

Most trains are westbound.

CP Rail era

5975 in controversial CPRS Dual Flag paint scheme with 9024 trailing.

StL&H 5615 leads 5684 with multis.

5661_HLCX_6366 (ex MILW 205)_SOO_6612

5914_VIA_6453_HLCX_3013 (ex UP)

4223_VIA_6452 trailing another unit.

VIA_6451 trails 4573 and another unit.

SOO_765_CR_604_5491 westbound April 19, 1995


5726 in controversial Dual Flags paint scheme leads leased HLCX_3026_and a 4200 hundred.

4233_SOO_6450 a "B" unit rebuilt following a wrecked cab.


Extra 4734 West with seven units, all MLW! Four different models including one-of-a-kind M-640 4744. 4734_4242_4511_4558_4744_4217_4510 Bowanville August 13, 1987 Doug Hately

...... trailing 4242_4511_4558_4744_4217_4510 .......... 4744 ...........

Here she is arrived at Toronto Yard. Originally intended to be numbered 4719 but delayed 6 months in production.
M-640 4000 HP Brown-Boveri AC traction. M6032-01 3/1971

Note: 4744 preserved 7/1998 at Exporail.

Above four Doug Hately photographs digitally enhanced by Gordon Kennedy.


Extra 4705 West with BO_3713_42xx trailing.

Westbound 6045_5960 leading ..........

.......... GATX_5076_5542 and ............

.............. BO_3709_3734_3713 trailing units.

ATSF 3615 trails 4243. Note single container flat car CP 522500!

BO_3713 trailing unit on westbound.

SOO 6615_MILW_142_SOO_6611 coming ............

........... and going!

Extra 5928 West with BO_4807_57xx trailing.

5661 leads another new SD40-2 (likely 5662) still breaking in. Second pair of 16 new units 5659-5674.
5661 GMD A2874 5/1973

Detouring trains require a CP engineer and conductor to "pilot" CN crew over unfamiliar territory.


4085 in Script (note missing Beaver emblem account now CP Rail era) with an 8100 trailing.

CPR era

Extra 4249 West with two more 4200's and a yard unit. Digitally enhanced by Gordon Kennedy.

5505_5504 on their first roundtrip fresh out of GMD London!
1000 mile run-in between London-Windsor-Montreal-Windsor-Toronto
in order to be near Lonodn plant if need be, after which units sent to Calgary
for assignment there. The start of a massive influx of SD's!

6619 Trenton Pickup. S-11 660 HP MLW 82561 7/1959 Digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy
Note: equipped for road service with combination pilot, classification lamps, slanted number boards and chime horn.

Looks like a pretty normal consist led by 8761 with 8731 and a MLW B unit following as they pass Bowmanville station.
Until it passes by eastbound .........

...... and two trailing units show up! 6549 and 7022 are dead yard engines. Likely enroute Trenton and Smiths Falls.
Note: 7022 with blunt trucks with 40 mph speed restriction would not make it popular with the crew!
Two photos: Doug Hately with digital restoration courtesy of Gordon Kennedy.

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